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Brand: Spot Literie

Bed slats twin fitting of 38x8mm

Bilatte Fittings

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Brand: Spot Literie

Slats 53x8 mm wide - 78 cm to 80 cm long

Slats of 53/8mm Length 78 cm 100% beech wood 5 ply 

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Brand: Spot Literie

BIL59 bed slats twin fitting of 38x8mm

BILATTE 59 Fittings

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Brand: Spot Literie

Slats 35x8 mm wide - 68cm to 70 cm long

Slats of 35/8mm Length 68cm 100% beech wood 5 ply 

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Brand: Spot Literie

DEL 39 tenonables fittings

DEL 39 tenonable Fittings

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List of products by brand OCTO Actuators

OCTO Actuators is a brand specialising in motorisation for box springs and lift-up beds.

Efficiency and performance – everything boils down to these two values. That's why it is increasingly crucial for OCTO Actuators GmbH to have innovative, fast, and reliable solutions.

OCTO Actuators GmbH, the global leader in ultra-flat motorization for slatted bed bases, upholstered furniture, BoxSprings, as well as mattresses (E-Motion), and upholstered furniture. All of it, "Made in Germany."

The mission of OCTO Actuators GmbH is to develop drive systems that provide the greatest benefit to its customers. Its driving force: the passion for innovation, and this has been the case for over four decades. Always one step ahead.

Eckhart Dewert laid the foundation for the success of OCTO Actuators GmbH in the early 1980s by developing the first drive systems for treatment tables. A few years later, he created his first patented dual motor for the bedding industry, which still forms the basis of the entire sector today.

Developments intensified over the years and culminated in 2011 with the launch of Move motors, also marking the cornerstone of consolidating all group activities at the current modern site in Grünsfeld, Baden-Württemberg.

An important milestone in the development of OCTO Actuators GmbH was the OCTO FLEX drive system, introduced in 2015. This revolutionary motorized system was honored with the INTERZUM award as the "Revolutionary Motorization Innovation" globally in the furniture industry.

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Brand: OCTO Actuators

OCTO ECO 2 remote control

OCTO E-CON ECO 2 remote control

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