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Batch of 01 waterproof fitted sheet, White 2 in 1

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Batch of 01 BEDDING waterproof fitted sheet, White 2 in 1

A waterproof fitted sheet, totally unnoticeable in TENCEL 100% natural nano-fibre cloth. Contact with the skin is smooth and agreeable.

An intelligent film covering in polyurethane, waterproof and breathable acts as a second skin and conserves the qualities of your mattress acting as a preventive barrier against the development of dust-mites or bacteria.

As already used by several prestigious multinational companies in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food sectors, Bedding have incorporated ZnO (zinc oxide) in its products. Following the integration of Zinc Oxide to Tencel the Smartcel fibre was born.

In addition to the advantages of Tencel: better absorption, faster drying time and incredible thermo-regulation, two new properties, unique in the world in terms of protection, have been added in a natural and permanent manner  :
• Freshness effect: anti-odours.
• Cosmetic effect.

An effect of freshness, as the Zinc Oxide eliminates the bacteria and mould which are responsible for the bad odours of protective covers and pillow cases. A cosmetic effect, as the Zinc Oxide is a basic component of pharmaceutical products and skin-care creams.
Incorporated into the B-Sensitive range, it regenerates the cells of the skin during the lifetime of the product, even through a pyjama.  

Bedding benefits from the world-wide exclusivity of this textile for waterproof and breathable. This positions the B-Sensitive products at the cutting-edge of innovation and market competition. 

The cloth is thermoregulatory, washable at 90°, can be dried in the clothes drier. It does not need to be ironed and must not be used with bleach.

The basic colour is white, For other colours choose the batch "Fitted Sheet Colour"


NB. The fitted sheets must be washed before first use.